jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

Speak English Fluently. Habla Inglés con Fluidez

Speak English Fluently. Habla Inglés con Fluidez. Sitio web que proporciona vídeos y diálogos para mejorar la fluidez de nuestro inglés.

Erica y Ryan son diseñadores gráficos. Ellos han estado trabajando muy duro para crear logos y banners para un cliente difícil, y finalmente han completado el pedido y las delicias del cliente. En la celebración, deciden que necesitan para ir a cenar juntos.

Ryan: I am so proud of the work we did! We really accomplished something.
Erica: I haven’t eaten in days … or slept … I’m really hungry,
Ryan: Let’s order some pizza!
Erica: We always order pizza when we are working; let’s go out to dinner for a change.
Ryan: You know what, you’re right. Let’s do something special together!
Erica: Hmm, what’s a good place to eat?
Ryan: Let’s go some place really nice … do you like the Lucky Six Restaurant?
Erica: Isn’t that a bit fancy for our work clothes? Look at us; we are both wearing all black!
Ryan: What can one expect of graphic designers?
Erica: If you think it’s a good idea, then let’s go.
Ryan: Would you like to choose a different restaurant?
Erica: I like this restaurant, but I think you are uncomfortable with your choice.
Ryan: Never! In fact, dinner is on me.
Erica: What a nice surprise.
Ryan: So you must promise to enjoy your food.
Erica: Yes! But I’m going home to change first.
Ryan: I’m sure you will look wonderful. I will pick you up in two hours.
Erica: This begins to sound more like a date.
Ryan: Is it?
Erica: Well, it is certainly better than pizza.

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